Leisure marketing to the affluent online shopper

December 24, 2010

Affluent shoppers reward sites that go above and beyond for them.

A leading authority on creating a great online retail experience explains how retailers can cater to the expectations of the affluent shopper, and improve their online shopping experience.

eMarketer recently interviewed Suzanne Hader, VP of Market Development at the award-winning online retail experience shop Code and Theory.

Here are 8 of Suzanne’s best insights and predictions:

  1. Affluent customers have scaled back on the amount of money they spend online, and are willing to wait a few months to get steep discounts on their favorite merchandise.
  2. They expect a higher level of service, and reward retailers who go above and beyond for them.
  3. They want products to be portrayed in a straightforward “what you see is what you get”manner.
  4. They prefer a no-haggle customer service experience: If for any reason they don’t like something, they want to be able to return the item easily.
  5. Shipping is important to them. Rule of thumb: an item must ship within 2 hours and arrive within 3 days.
  6. They want their online shopping to be a form of entertainment.  Specifically, they appreciate video of a runway show, lookbooks or an online magazine.
  7. Some opinions matter to them more than others. They prefer the recommendations of key influencers over starring from fellows shoppers.
  8. The next generation of e-commerce  to the upscale is going to use rich media and video and will also incorporate “social shopping.

Online retailers like Net-a-Porter offer enhanced experiences like this online shopping magazine.

If your leisure marketing is targeting the affluent shopper online, consider these changes in strategy:

  • Consider a discounting strategy on your high-end products.
  • Enhance your customer service and shipping policies, with same-day shipping and free, no questions asked returns.
  • Photograph your products the way they would actually look on a typical buyer.
  • Start incorporating rich media like videos or an online magazine or lookbook onto your site.

That’s what one of the leading experts in online retail experiences is recommending. How are you reaching out to the affluent shopper?

You can find the full interview with Suzanne here.



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