Travel and leisure marketing: The latest research on increasing your Facebook engagement rates

June 20, 2012

Your Facebook fans will “like” you more if you follow a few simple guidelines.

To get more fans to engage with your travel and leisure brand’s Facebook page, answer these 5 questions.

Buddy Media recently did a study of the Facebook engagement rates of 200 of their best clients.  Their findings will help you answer 5 questions most travel and leisure marketers have about this subject:

  1. What are the best times to post?
  2. How long should my posts be?
  3. What days should I post?
  4. What words will drive the most “Likes” and Comments?
  5. What words and phrases drive the highest engagement rates?

1. When should I post?

  • 60% of posts analyzed by the study were published between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Yet brands that posted before or after business hours achieved engagement rates 20% higher than the average.

2. How long should my posts be?

  • The Buddy Media report found that the shorter the post, the more fans read it.
  •  In fact, posts of 80 characters or less had a 27% higher engagement rate. Ironically, they only accounted for 19% of all posts.

3. What’s the best day to post?

  • The Buddy Media study found that the less people want to be at work the more they are on Facebook!
  • For the Travel and Hospitality industry, Buddy Media found that the highest engagement rates occur on Thursday and Friday. On average, they are 18% higher on those days.
  • The lowest engagement rates occurred on weekends and Wednesdays.

4. What are the best words to use to drive “Likes” and Comments?

  • The Media Buddy study found that direct requests work the best.
  • To drive “Likes” or Comments,  just ask directly for them to “like” your page, or comment on your post.
  •  The study found that “Liking” a post or page requires the least amount of effort, and if you tell them to do it they will.
  • Key words that scored the best were simple action words: “Like”, “Take”, “Submit”, “Watch”, “Click”, “Post”, “Become a Fan”, “Share”, “Watch”, “Visit”.

5. What are the best words and phrases to use to drive the highest engagement rates?

  • When running a contest or other promotion, soft sell keywords work better.
  • Use words like “event” and “winning.” Avoid more direct words like “contest” or “promotion.”
  • Ask questions. Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate.
  • Questions that start with “Where” ,”When”, “Would” and “Should” have the highest engagement rates. Questions that start with “Why” have the lowest engagement rates.

You can download the complete Buddy Media report here. Then tell us what’s working to drive engagement rates of your travel and leisure brand.


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